YouTube's shrinking ad business is an ominous sign for the battered online ad

“Some of the advertisers that slowed their online advertising spending with Alphabet come from the financial services, insurance, loans and mortgage and crypto industries, said Alphabet chief business officer Philipp Schindler.”

“On the earnings call, CFO Ruth Porat said the ad revenue slowdown for YouTube and Google Search “reflects a pullback in spend by some advertisers, as we first noted last quarter.” In Q4, last year’s strong revenue growth “will continue to create tough comps that will weigh on the year-on-year growth rates of advertising revenues,” she said.”

Something to keep in mind here is that revenue is still revenue.

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Non-record-breaking profits are still pretty amazing profits.


I would like to try and get a better read on whats happening outside of the financial services, insurance, loans and mortgage and crypto industries. That part that is still not very clear to me at this point. When it comes to physical products a significant way of making the over supply of goods disappear can only happen a few ways that I am aware of. 1)physical shelf space 2)paid and earned digital media(still paid) 3)landfill

Keep this in mind.

40% of every VC dollar goes back into Facebook, Google, or Amazon.
VC dollars are down…



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