Your go-to Project Management Tools - go ham!

Hey all,

Would love to open it up to my fellow PM’ers out there.

What Project Management Tools are you using?

  • Atlassian / Jira
  • Asana
  • Monday
  • Trello

Also would love to hear your favorite Time Tracking Tools too!

  • Harvest
  • Clockify

Go ham!


Atlassian (and a bit of Trello which is now owned by Atlassian)
Miro for diagrams (replacing Visio for many uses)
Microsoft Planner Board as an alternative to Trello (free as a part of M365 license)

For Portfolio and Project management, and timecard management, my current workplace has invested in Cora (a SaaS product). I did see if I could get PPM combined with a Enterprise Architecture tool, but Planview and LeanIX were way too expensive for the company size/annual CapEx to be controlled, Orbus and ValueBlue didn’t have enough on the PPM side; for our level of scale and rigour we have been slowly implementing Essential EA for our EA needs (it’s well priced, there is a free community version of this if you want to self host and self support) and a bit of internally developed capability in Microsoft POWERpages; although if starting again I might look at the EACOE spreadsheet template/metamodel before graduating to something larger (a Visio metamodel hero would be able to make some good semo-automated visualisations of the data using Visio Plan 2/Professional–any version from about 2013 onwards; yfiles yed might be another choice)

In the past, for PPM/timecarding I have suffered with CA/Broadcom Clarity. Microsoft Project Online has a useful kit of parts (including timecarding) but needs assembly to form your own PPM process (that would potentially align well to EACOE spreadsheet/Visio/yfiles yed or yfiles library).