Your ERP and Why

Alright let’s open this convo up to our Ops’ people in the house.

Your ERP…what are you using? Why? Tell all!

  • Netsuite
  • Sage (oh what version?)
  • Exenta
  • Epicor

Let’s hear it!


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I am also hearing about…

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Acumatica
  • SAP Business One (little brother to bigger SAP)

Exenta is a new one on me.

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Ohhh good ones!

Yes I have a client on Exenta today

I always like these solutions that are extremely specific. Like common to fashion retailers in the Los Angeles area. Island Pacific anyone?


As an Agency, doing both Magento and BigCommerce implementations, we see a lot of different ERP solutions.

Most recently:
MS Dynamics
Legacy IBM iSeries (AS/400) Systems
Bizowie - hadn’t heard of them until a couple months ago, now working on two project requiring integration with them.

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Loving this list! Haven’t worked with Bizowie yet either.

They could need a new name possibly :slight_smile:


We’re using Acumatica, and I love it!


That is great to hear you are loving it.
What industry are you in and what ecommerce platform do you use?

That’s awesome @Jeff and great to hear. I worked with a furniture manufacturer a few years back that also loved Acumatica.

Welcome to the site! :partying_face:

My recent clients in home furnishings use:

Blue Cherry
Dynamics 365

Seems like large most brands don’t want to change their ERP even if it would make sense.

On the other end of the spectrum, when brands are acquired, I have seen them forced to go through a rough ERP implementation to force them onto the same platform of an existing brand as quickly as possible.

I hope that helps!

~ Kathy


Welcome @kathyaronson – so wonderful to have you here!

Hopefully you are able to use this site as a resource for you and your clients to get ideas and help others!


  • Rick

Super helpful Kathy! Thanks for sharing this list!

Many of the retailers I have worked for/with have Oracle Retail (UK Tier 1s and some Tier 2). Often augmented by other solutions for planning/planogram/allocations (Blueyonder/JDA is popular), and something else for Customer Order Management (IBM Sterling a popular choice, Oracle Retail has a solution as well).

Others I have seen are Symphony (formerly Aldata Gold), Infor M3

Diverse choices for WMS

And of course Netsuite is owned by Oracle (different business unit from Retail)


This is great Miles! Thank you for this contribution

Microsoft Dynamics AX (on premise–formerly Navision)/ Dynamics 365 is popular in the mid tier as an ERP (as well as for finance, CRM).

And some use of SAP Retail (which is a code branch of SAP S4, there is also an Apparel/footwear code branch, SAP has a roadmap to remerge the 3 mutually incompatible code branches and make available in the S4HANA Cloud essentials SaaS solution)

Some of the people involved with Oracle Retail (formerly Retek) over the years previously worked for Island Pacific, or Richter (who later were called Essentus, and now called Jesta)

Asos is the biggest example of a pure play using Oracle Retail (as an ERP) that I can think of.