Why add your in-store products to Google

No, adding your in-store products to Google with Pointy is free of charge. Yes, Pointy is built specifically for brick and mortar stores. You don’t need an ecommerce store to add products to Google.
Link: https://pointy.withgoogle.com

I feel like I have been waiting for years for them to add this.

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This is just them taking more money from brick and mortar. My question with all of these - how do you quantify the increase in foott raffic - no attribution in my mind for this…

Discoverability and stock levels. This is a good idea. Attribution can be gained from customers walking in the door. Think about the small businesses.

A small store owner can easily notice increases in foot traffic because they are in the store every day.

Ah attribution. The achiles heel for all of digital marketing.

In this scenario I believe RFID will be a key factor moving forward relative to attribution

Seems like most Big Box stores have RFID on their roadmap or already in play.

This is something that SMB will not be able incorporate due to cost and complexity

This will likely hurt smaller retailers than help them.

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