What Should Brands Do About the Tiktok Situation?

I am not totally convinced anything will happen.

Trump tried to ban Tiktok, it failed. Perhaps politicians are more aligned now, but do we think this time is different?

I am not buying it. Even a consensus in Congress does not mean there will be action.

Well, China has options too. They can retaliate against US companies. You think US companies don’t collect data on Chinese citizens? The US does not want to upset the Chinese more than they have to.

Meanwhile, brands don’t know what to do.
I say, carry on. The most likely thing to happen (i.e., the 80%) is nothing.


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TikTok is still nascent in general for most brands today.

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Many bigger brands are not I agree but for new products it can be a huge driver.

Another reason I say keep going on TikTok is you are getting experience building an audience through video.

I should take my own advice!

It is showing it has tremendous potential to create awareness for just about anything.

There is a lot of new data surfacing around customer intent etc. on the platform.

Given the current economic climate it will be interesting to see where brands look to invest.

Retail media and programmatic advertising in general are formidable foes to social for at the very least the next 2-3 years as these new channels and technologies develop

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