UK Produce economics

Slightly off the usual topic, but a useful summary of the UK fresh food supply chain (including ecommerce delivery via 4 main grocery websites)

This is from the “customer website” of UK organic vegetable home delivery service Riverford.

Riverford operates a franchisee model; the local delivery person is the franchisee, Riverford (as an employee co-op) operates some “owned” farms, contracts others (in the UK, France, Spain), and runs the packhouse and supply chain. Customers nominally “subscribe” to a regular early morning delivery slot, same day in the week on a drop and drive basis, and select a usual order every week or every two weeks (some standard mixed seasonal variety boxes, but can be topped up with specific items including bread, cheese, meat, fish)

Riverford’s main competitor is Abel & Cole, with a VC funded startup Farmdrop failing about this time last year (the supplier to Farmdrop have tried to form a marketing web presence as a replacement).

[Full disclosure: I am a customer of Riverford for some years]