THG and BigCommerce announce Partnership

Feednomics will be the big beneficiary here IMO. No real marketplace listing solution within THG -

THG Ingenuity and BigCommerce to form strategic commercial alliance in commitment to supporting brand digital transformations - The Hut Group (THG)

Could this be due diligence being done by BigCommerce to potentially buy THG later? This is a rather odd set of partners @vinny

I think THG is hoping its the other way around


As I wrote this, I thought the same but in reverse @HendrikLaubscher - stinks of DD on BC.

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As of Wednesday, 03 May - THG has a market cap of GBP1.5b and Bigcommerce is at $525m. So it could be a reverse DD as you both mentioned.

What do you think “if” THG were to buy BC? I’d surmise BC would love a buyer right now - Brent could exit with head held high. But would you see THG a sensible owner? It’s been interesting following the EMEA management shuffles of late!

THG also inked a partnership with Elastic Path:

THG needs to increase the TAM opportunity to show investors the road to more revenue, and adding a platform like BC enables them to grow their revenue-making opportunity.

THG in its current state is not appealing to investors but adding BC changes the narrative as BC has struggled to scale in Europe.

I think its increasingly likely that THG will spinoff businesses which gives them more runway.

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I believe they would have to reading articles like this