The perils of using marketplaces to sell charity supporting items (Amazon, Amazon Fresh)

Purchasing a red note for Comic Relief 2023

The trials and troubles of distributing charity supporting branded merchandise.

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Happy Red Nose Day!

The first Comic Relief event was held in 1988 with a big TV show and a plastic red nose you could buy to support the charity. They changed the nose on each subsequent occasion to boost sales (and to prevent you reusing the old one). I bought them all…


You buy red noses in Sainsbury’s, everybody knows that, which is good because there are Sainsbury’s pretty much everywhere. Except this year for the first time Sainsbury’s are not selling them. According to Comic Relief “Our partnership with Sainsbury’s is now solely focused on tackling food poverty both at home in the UK and internationally” which is simultaneously uplifting and dispiriting, and no use if what you want is a red nose.

Instead this year you can only buy a red nose from Amazon. Apparently this a good thing.

“We’re delighted to welcome Amazon on board as the new exclusive retailer of our Red Noses. This will help expand our reach enormously and make getting involved in Red Nose Day quick and easy.”

.…Editorial Summary…
No it wasn’t cheap, nor easy.

£2.50 postage for a £2.50 charity item.

Also available in person from Amazon Fresh (just walk out) stores, with a special process (QR code via a charity giving page) as the item isn’t actually on the Just Walk Out product file