The Festive Season Now Starts in October

Every year for as long as I can remember, the festive season has started earlier. It used to be that Black Friday - Cyber Monday was the starting point for festive season gift buying online. Every retailer or online merchant wants to be where consumers look for deals to make their budgets last longer.

Brands must think more than ever about what promotions are offered to consumers across their sales channels. Every retailer and online marketplace wants to have the lowest price for their products but the impact this will have on other channels is not thought about.

In 2023, Amazon announced first that they will have an event in October called Prime Big Deals Day. We learned this week that the event will be on 10-11 October. Walmart on Monday announced Walmart Deals – Holiday Kickoff, which will run from Oct. 9 through Oct. 12. On Tuesday, Target announced Target Circle Weekv from Oct. 1 through Oct. 7.

TikTok Shop will offer promotions that start on October 27.

What a time to be a consumer, and how will sellers/brands manage quarter 4? Is this a sign that retailers/marketplaces understand that the consumer is facing inflation and they are more interested in deals than in years previously? I cant decide.

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Christmas mince pies already in the shops in the UK for a week or more now (would need to be eaten before Christmas). Will start to see seasonal lines in depth around Halloween (in the kind of lull period between back to school Halloween)

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