The decline of supermarkets - A sector in crisis | DW Documentary

A lot to unpack in this 40 minute explainer documentary from German public service broadcaster Deutchse Welle (yes it is in English, some subtitled French/German).

This is from a continental European viewpoint, I didn’t see much of relevance to the situation in UK and Ireland (no discussions of Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Ocado, Asda, or UK qcommerce scene).

I commend this as being worth your time–flag it to watch it later on your Smart TV.

  • Centralised commercial income services across Europe changing the purchasing dynamic with increasingly centralised suppliers.
  • Shrinking superstore profitability (Carrefour in southern France, redundancies across several major European chains). Yes some real numbers quoted.
  • The coming of Amazon Fresh and other ecommerce (interviews with Brian Ladd). And a shocker of a returns process (green/sustainable? I think not!)
  • Consultancy interviews
  • Ecommerce automation from in China–self driving delivery, in store qcommerce picking
  • Amazon dash cart demo (doesn’t feel radically better than picking wands, part from just walk out payment vs. attendance at a pay station for most wand based solutions)
  • Another Ocado customer (Casino)