The Apps / Tools that helped my clients in Q4 2022

Hi all,

What apps / tools did your clients / your brands use that helped make Q4 2022?

Top solutions that helped moved the needle for my clients Q4 in 2022 were:

  1. Nosto - personalization was KEY!

  2. Shopify app called Mechanic that is this incredible development app for automations. We used it for a “Delay in Delivery” notification that we triggered for orders that were delayed in shipment passed 4 days. Helped the CSR teams substantially this year and kept customers informed about their orders. Check this app out: Mechanic - Mechanic - Shopify Automation & Custom Development Platform | Shopify App Store

  3. Yotpo - Loyalty program sales were off the charts

  4. ESP’s - Hats off to Klavyio and Listrak - it goes without saying email is typically the top revenue driver. Super grateful for our ESP partners!

  5. Firework - Super sad to hear about the layoffs over at this cool tool. My clients are getting cool responses from customers from live shopping videos - helpful in seeing / understanding the product and the people / influencers behind them.

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I like the idea behind this Mechanic App – super cool! Particularly if you have a lot of apps, there are gaps in between them that need to be filled sometimes.

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It is super incredible. We also use it for a few other automations on the site. Awesome community along with it too.