Text to Shop: Walmart Customers Can Now Shop as Easily as Texting

Text to Shop is seamlessly connected to your Walmart account, so we know your usual ordered items. Simply text the items you need, and they get added to your cart. Choose from the full selection of Walmart’s products, including items from your local store and from Walmart.com. Text “reorder” to quickly review and add your frequently ordered items to your cart.

This smells like IT delivering a capability just so marketing can put out a press release (not really changing the status quo). Yeah maybe great if you are in a area that can’t get 3G data, even better if there is a credible voice experience.

A streamlined mobile web/app experience (maybe with a specific web shortcut/app button) is likely as quick and as effective for the whole journey. Or indeed an Alexa skill/Google home skill.

Jet Black 2.0? Nate Faust is that you?

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When autocorrect puts the completely wrong thing in the order and that causes a scene, that will be the only time you will ever hear about this.

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