Taylor Swift tickets listed for thousands on StubHub after millions flood


I find it amazing that we still have not solved ticket sales.

There is ticket sales and there is Tay Tay. Am I right @rebuildgirl ?


She is the industry!

I am surprised that popular artists don’t auction tickets more.

Maybe not a straight rising price auction, perhaps a reducing price auction, you put in the maximum price you are willing to pay (above a guide price) and tranches of tickets are then sold to highest bidders until the tranche is all sold. People who just miss out put into a lottery to get a ticket at their price.

And link tickets to an app to reduce resales–ticket is loaded onto the app (like some rail tickets are in the UK) and you scan the barcode to enter the venue. Electronic countermeasures put in place to stop you sharing the account with a friend (although maybe you can send a ticket to a friend). And have a governed resale market, and a governed VIP/concierge sales market.