Tax Tools for International

Hi all,

What tax calculation tools are your clients using?
More specifically, what tax calculation tools are your clients using for International?
Can they support Duties / Vat?

I’m currently seeking a user of Avalara’s Avatax who uses their solution both domestically and internationally…anyone here?



I would look at Zonos who specializes in cross-border and have plugins and APIs available.

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Thank you Hendrik! Yes they are on the shot list

The company I work for ( uses Avalara but I am not that close to the details. ships to a wide number of countries from the UK; for a few a local price is presented on the website but for most UK £ inc. VAT price is presented, with an increased shipping charge, rather than an ex tax or local tax (i.e. including import duty) price. The goods are shipped out under bond so neither customer nor New Look has to pay VAT, but the VAT part of the price is combined with shipping charge to fund the delivery costs. New Look uses a specialist courier who can do the customs brokerage and pre-clear the parcel (usually with no additional duty to pay and minimal delays) before handing on to a local parcel operator.

Alvara is used by finance to calculate any taxes that we have to remit with that way of working.

This is typical of a lot of larger UK ecommerce operators who trade internationally and don’t have an in-country presence.

I see from other news that Avalara has been taken over by private equity investment. That may improve the product, or it may just be used as a cash cow with no product improvement.

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Miles this is so helpful! Thank you so much!