Superplastic Raises $20M Led by Amazon

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This competitor is all over YT at the moment

And there have been companies offering the more immediately useful capability to reskin/rehead on-model shots (for clothing) automatically (but not in real time). So: one photo session can be made relevant for different global markets and demographics (including A/B testing with specific customers to see if a specific customer/customer cluster responds better to one version vs another)

This is a fascinating space…

This is interesting for the ability to create richer content with far less work than it takes today. It’s quite similar to some AI-based speaking projects and visualizing the speaker that I did in college (around 2001), but obviously more advanced over the last 20 years. I’m still disturbed by some of the mismatches between the voice and the lip movement in the Synthesia demo, but they’ll get better at that over time. Speed to process the results will also get better as well, so that instead of it being an async video generation it could instead be a live presenter taking Q&A and rendering out on the fly, either as an enhanced chatbot or as an artificial avatar for creating presentations/announcements. Connect that rendering to a conversational AI behind the scenes and you’re close to having a Jarvis.

The vice media channel on YT has a longer “demo” with one of their reporters going through the Synthesia process resulting in an extended piece to camera which was quite good (and presented a good critical balance).

On a related topical point. Consider the recent mess with Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift. Then rethink this whole area in light of the very successful “ABBA Voyage” experience in London, which provides a very immersive experience of an Abba greatest hits concert with "ABBA"tars putting their best foot forward in a purpose built 3000 capacity venue, on behalf of the members of the group (who are absolutely no longer willing to perform live. This has now been running to full occupancy for 6 months and is showing no signs of slowing down. ABBA Voyage - Wikipedia

This concept will eventually be streamlined and slimmed down to be a potential replacement for e.g. fashion show runways, to allow more people in more place to see latest clothing trends.