Shows/Conferences I am going to in 2023 (UK)

Shows I am planning to go to in the UK in the next few months. I’ll share what I see

  • The Delivery Conference, 7 Feb, London. (Metapack)
  • Retail Tech, 26/27 April, London (long running general retail tech conference at Olympia)
  • IRX/EDX (internet retailing/e-delivery expo): May, Birmingham (long running general conference for internet retailing, focussing on SMB retailers mostly). Similar repeats in London in Oct.

Last year I also went to the ecommerce expo (Oct, General conference for all sizes of ecommerce, Excel Centre in London)

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Do you spend any time at Shoptalk Europe at all?

Shoptalk Europe: Not at the moment.

Focus generally is on what is free, local, covers tech/existing suppliers (or is needed for specific supplier research), and not too much time away from the day job.

I had approval to go to Manhattan’s user group in Berlin last year but unfortunately could not go (although others from my company did go)

I’ll add Adobe Experience to that list, usually quite a few last minute tickets become available but it is a paid for event traditionally.

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