Shopify’s Winter '23 Edition introduces 100+ product updates that keep merchants on the cutting edge

New releases include the next version of the Shop app, a new one-page checkout, and up to 25% better conversion for SFN merchants with the Shop Promise badge Though commerce is always evolving, one thing remains true: those who stay on the cutting edge win.
Link: Shopify’s Winter '23 Edition introduces 100+ product updates that keep merchants on the cutting edge

The big question is what is the gap in capability between shopify and something specifically built for the retailer using e.g. components from MACH alliance suppliers.

Presumably that gap is ever narrowing, based on annoucements such as this. How much better is a MACH solution in terms of conversion, saleability to justify the initial and ongoing costs of something specifically built. Can the customer even tell the difference? Yes subtle nudges with the algorithms to improve relevance of display and conversion, but functionally in terms of jouirney?

Something for the MACH alliance to answer

Here’s my first take on Editions:

This question reveals a lot of the issues with Shopify’s approach, and MACH itself.

  • MACH is not any kind of special sauce. A lot of people don’t need it. Left unsaid is that a monolith is just fine for most brands.

  • MACH is a design approach to be taken by an Enterprise architect, and only one facet of it. So I think it’s overstating it as “MACH vs Shopify”.

  • MACH isn’t a conversion solution. Most of that is in a content management system. We had CMS’ before MACH and we will have CMS’ after MACH.

Agree MACH is not exclusively conversion–but then almost every part of the CX is about conversion in the end.

I was simplifying the question to the level of the CEO…How much more money would a a tailor made digital platform make for me (using MACH or whatever other framework) and is that worth the CapEx/RevEx spend (vs. waiting for Shopify or similar to further close the gap in CX and conversion).

For almost all brands, not a lot I believe. I mean, at this point we are going back to the bad old days.

MACH provides flexibility.

You generally need flexibility because of business or consumer complexity that is locked down or unchangeable in whatever platform you have (Shopify is what everyone is comparing it to).

However… MACH is focused on Enterprise. Shopify only just learned what Enterprise means. So MACH is somewhat of a necessary approach for a lot of players in this sector.

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