Shopify not the only ones consciously decoupling

I just wanted to write this headline, sorry.

Its a valid point as Walmart has sold almost all of its DTC acquisitions to third-parties. It feels like Walmart management understands their identity and DTC is no longer a fit.

It cost Walmart less than 1% of annual revenues - did it really impact the market capitalization of Walmart? I am unsure and have remained unsure of this.

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It sounds like very smart asset stripping. Realising the DTC landscape - “We can to better with these brands in our stable rather than on other channels. Let’s park them here. Now let’s extract what made them exciting and what we cannot do within our existing legacy model”

Jet - mgmt team and skills
Mooasejaw - better ads platform than core
etc etc

That was my read - Still means they can go after IP within DTC operations that got something worth going after. @HendrikLaubscher

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Jet management team skills, just laughed a little at this one.