Sephora is not going to save Kohl's

I don’t know how to say it any other way. Kohl’s is the next Bed, Bath and Beyond.

“We remain cautious on the company’s several management changes over the past 12 months, including the appointment of its new CEO,” they said. “Considering this turnover and the weaker recent operational execution relative to some apparel peers, we have an incrementally less favorable view of the company’s strategic planning process and its management depth and breadth


@rickwatson Kohl’s has been in freefall for years - they continue to go nowhere but down.

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A few years ago Amazon was going to save Kohl’s. Now Sephora?

Repeat after me: Amazon is never on the wrong side of these types of deals. The fact that Kohl’s needs anyone still to “save” them means that you can tell looking back who won that deal.

Even though it was obvious then, it was being praised by many at the time, though not on this forum :slight_smile: