Retail Media Finally hits treasure Island

Retail media is just additional advertising opportunities on surfaces owned by the retailer. I think it is great that retailers are adding additional revenue opportunities in a low-margin sector but what are they offering brands regarding reporting and analytics?

Nothing and no expertise. The latter is a real worry. I worked on campaigns on Jumbo (Netherlands and Belgium) we had no analytics access until 4 weeks after the 6 week campaign ended. We were given impressions on the way in and very low CTR (yep, that’s the deal) and we had no way to question the output. No insight other than a sales bump

The RM team were not even part of the ecomm team. This will improve but awful experience. They need to get this service side better. If I am a brand, I have little choice but to participate.

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I have no evidence of retail media network performance compared to traditional search advertising. That is the elephant in the room for me. Brands will invest if it leads to sales or engagement, but these networks must be differentiated to generate value.

No one has the evidence but brands are almost being forced into it as marketing Business as usual