Relationshop acquires grocery e-commerce provider

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Interesting to see how that competes with similar end to end capability from Ocado.

And maybe this will replace the “self built” platforms that bigger grocers have developed over many years (e.g. Tesco, which is mostly self built top to bottom, buying in PxM, Search, delivery scheduling, or Sainsbury, Asda Waitrose, which is built using platforms from e.g. HCL Commerce, Microlise).

A key component to any solution is an ability to schedule order delivery to vehicles in real time to get efficient van routing and utilisation to minimise dead mileage but not oversell capacity. (Tesco and Sainsbury both use, or used to use, a niche product called Sidewinder which Oracle later acquired and renamed to a mouthful of a name which I won’t even try to repeat save that it includes field, service, and real time)

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I am expecting this is not a cash deal, so the fact that it is “over $50M” is irrelevant - it’s all funny money.

No way this will move the needle in any significant way in the grocery space.