Previewing the future of Alexa

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Bit of timely synchronicity, was just catching up on 2nd series of US comedy “Ghosts”.

Which has Alexa as a plot point in the story in an episode…(product placement by Amazon? production company touting the storyline for funding? who knows, Amazon got a end-credit though).

PS Ghosts is a transplant to the US of a UK comedy of the same name, created by the team that created “Horrible Histories” educational comedy for children. UK series also called Ghosts (inspired by a true story, although not the part about ghosts).,

:joy:, I will have cue that up. Sounds very interesting!

Yeah–the studio (CBS in association with Lionsgate and BBC studios) who made the US version didn’t screw it up–some of the UK plotlines were redone, some role swaps for local relevance, but they have extended with much new material.

Too often US remakes of UK shows (especially comedies) don’t play well in the UK…but this one is more than fine; I would like to think the continued involvement of original network BBC (BBC Studios) helped.

(Small world–the UK offices of Lionsgate is upstairs from my office in London).