Poshmark Adds Livestream Shopping: Smart or Dumb?

Poshmark recently made an announcement they call Posh Shows.

And what are Posh Shows? Well some are boring and some are just absolute craziness. Check this out:

On the left side there is a list of items they are going through.
On the right side are all the bids streaming in.
In the middle is truly chaos.
Each item on the left gets about 5 minutes time. This crazy crew goes through them one at a time. They are kind of half selling items, half fighting with each other, and mostly just looking ridiculous talking about items. This particular stream is almost like an MTV reality show meets social selling.

I clicked some other streams and it was straight boring, but this one was interesting.



Poshmark is trying to offer curators the opportunity to monetize their communities. Having watched their shows, it almost feels like the comments are conversion tools rather than checking out.

Its worth pointing out that Poshmark is owned by Naver, a South Korean behemoth which I wonder might have requested this feature…

QVC/HSN etc. for the streaming generation?

Several startups have began with that exact tagline.

Can’t think of one which has broken out.

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