Peloton touts ‘best quarterly performance’ in a year

Dive Brief: Beating its own expectations, fitness brand Peloton on Wednesday reported second-quarter revenue of $792.7 million, according to a company press release. This marked a 30% drop year over year, but a 29% increase on a quarterly basis. The company’s net loss narrowed to $335.
Link: Peloton touts ‘best quarterly performance’ in a year | Retail Dive

Best performance in a year: still terrible. How many years will this take to unwind or be acquired?

Lots to be done still, Biggest concern is that even their content subscription business is down.

I thought this was the future?

Peloton is the future - but ultimately what business is it in? Software, hardware, athletics, entertainment commerce = brilliant but many facets of the value chain require focus. Building out the operating system and sharing into a greater ecosystem may be one future route for success.

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Thanks for your comments @Ronald_C_Pruett_Jr

Peloton is a tremendous concept but a badly-run business. John Foley did create a great product, but never had the Sheryl Sandberg or Tim Cook with him to commercialize it well.