Oro, an open-source B2B ecommerce platform from Magento's cofounder, raises $13M

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Yoav has been chopping at this a long time.

I wonder how the Oro platform compares to platforms like Mirakl, Octopia, Marketplacr, from the point of a brand owner that doesn’t have their own B2C retail or ecommerce presence (in a geography or at all), i.e. B2B2C use cases.

I think get the niche of being able to grow sales of wholesale products into e.g. SME on a B2B basis (i.e. where the product is not generally resold unaltered to an end consumer).

The lower middle market companies I speak with still want to adopt SaaS for B2B.

The single tenant model seems inefficient for this group. Above this it could be valuable as you can customize it how you want - which comes with positives and negatives.

B2B is not one thing, so it’s very hard to generalize about this topic from my experience.