October 30th, 2023: HomeGoods shuts down their eCommerce platform, Overstock changes name to Beyond, can we tap brakes on TikTok Amazon comparisons? Update on retail inventory heading into holidays

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Tesco Direct also chose the “shutdown” route over the “replatform Oracle Commerce ATG/Endeca” (and Sterling) route, best part of a decade ago. This was in parallel with reducing the amount of non-foods available for sale in stores (and shutting down their marketplace).

Tesco’s grocery ecommerce platform was (and still is, I think) different tech: digital platform mostly home built (internally branded “Martini”), although Endeca was used for search for a long time (bought before Oracle bought it), with Sterling added at a later date (and Endeca swapped out). Early adopter of a 3rd party PxM (Ivis group Sonetto, which I think is no longer available–Sonetto also added up the basket in real time, applying multi-item promos in real time with call to action for promotion near misses)

(Tesco quite often chose tech that Oracle later bought…Retek, ATG, Endeca, Sidewinder…)