Ocado Group Announces An Agreement To Acquire 6 River Systems

@rickwatson flagged this in his Shopify results analysis on LinkedIn today, but I thought it was worth highlighting here as a standalone note.

I can see how this fits into Ocado’s portfolio of warehouse mechanisation solutions for ecommerce (especially CFC for grocery ecommerce), and maybe has use cases for pick from customer facing shelves or back of house in grocery ecommerce.

Opportunities for upsells of other Ocado solutions into the existing customer base.

Not sure how Ocado can afford it or invest in it given their pretty awful financial results recently, though.

This could be a good move for them. What’s the price? No one knows. Maybe half of what Shopify paid?

I am speculating - less than $50m - no disclosure by either Shopify or Ocado regarding the price.