Nearly Half of All Grocery Shoppers Are Switching Stores

As prices continue to skyrocket, consumers are abandoning their go-to grocers in search of savings.
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My personal experience validates this. I used to get almost all of my shopping from one major online grocer in the UK (which one varied over time, not least because I was at various points an employee of Tesco and John Lewis, with employee discount), with occasional in person trips to others (topups or specific items).

Lately I split shopping over 3 (traditional) online services (T, S, O), two “chain” convenience (T, S), Aldi, and occasional purchases of specific items in person from W (especially when they have £8 off £40 promo coupon active).

Much less use of O since they swapped their grocery wholesale contract from W to M&S (although O is a price leader for certain lines that I bulk order every 4-8 weeks). No Lidl, Asda convenient, Morrisons, Amazon, and “q-commerce-”-Zapp, Getir, Gorillas, Deliveroo–wouldn’t deliver any better outcome than that ones I use, and generally I don’t find M&S is value for money (quality, but very pricey, although their partnership with O is adding some lower priced options to more closely match T, S). No “blue” CoOp convenience convenient (and they are expensive).

Yes, anecdata, sample size of one and all that, although my experience is part of the Kantar “shop and scan” data set.