May 8th, 2023: BigCommerce doubles down on B2B, Pinterest ties with Amazon advertising, PitchBook report whines about the demise of unicorns, and Shopify reports earnings

You mention Netsuite as a partner for BigCommerce. I presume that Microsoft Dynamics365 (former Navision AX product) would also fit into that ERP hole (In fact at least one of BigCommerce’s retail customers also has Navision AX and does franchise B2B)

Also, it is interesting that Netsuite (Oracle) hasn’t yet built out into the mid-market B2B space to eat BigCommerce’s lunch (or just acquired BigCommerce for B2B opportunities, and maybe also B2C to replace other offerings).

Oracle certainly has experience in B2B including configure/quotations in their wider estate, so could either carve out a solution from existing code (Fusion apps–should be able to carve out an API enabled SaaS offer; ATG also had some B2B capability that could be delivered SaaS) or just simplify Fusion designs to hand to the Netsuite team to build

(The problem with taking ATG B2B forward is the age of the tech stack and that division of Oracle has lost mindshare, customer base, and talent)

Yes definitely it would be the same. I’m sure it’s coming.

I’m not sure anyone believes ATG is still a thing. Quite a few of these customers have already made tracks to other platforms.