Lloyds Pharmacy (UK) puts all 1,300 sites under threat of closure


Britain’s second biggest pharmacy chain, after Boot’s (part of Walgreen Boots Alliance).

Significant threat to community based pharmacy provision in the UK (Lloyds often has branches where Boot’s doesn’t).

The vast majority of the prescriptions filled in the UK are NHS funded (a significant proportion have a co-pay set by NHS; NHS takes a role similar to a Pharmacy Benefits Manager company in the US). Add on sales of non-prescription items at pharmacy discretion to generate the majority of profits.

Pharmacists also paid by NHS to perform specific medical services (e.g. blood pressure check, smoking cessation, some vaccinations).

Ecommerce angle: Prescriptions can be ordered online (usually BOPIS, sometimes home delivery) or brought to store but many people have their doctor’s practice electronically transmit their prescription to their preferred pharmacy via NHS provided systems which track prescription issuance and reimbursement; some chains offer ecommerce of non-prescription items on a deliver to home or BOPIS basis, and some also act as PUDO points for other retailer ecommerce.

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