JungleScout State of the Amazon Seller 2023: Channel Expansion

JungleScout released a study that they conducted of over 2,000 sellers. These are folks that earn less than $2M in annual revenue.

Top Amazon Seller Focus for 2023

1 - Trying new marketing tactics
2 - Exploring other online platforms (52% exploring, up from 30% last year)

  • eBay is top at 24%, but declining interest down 14% y/y
  • Shopify was mentioned by 16% , grew 6% y/y
  • Walmart growing fastest, grew 28% y/y

61% of Amazon SMB sellers sold on at least one other channel.
You would think if Amazon had a Shopify integration that could make it easier.
This points to Amazon’s leverage with Buy With Prime. Lots of Amazon sellers have not yet tried Shopify, and it is easier for them to try Walmart than it is to try Walmart right now.

Is Buy With Prime Shopify’s gateway drug for the Amazon seller into Shopify?
Or does Shopify have a better entry point?

3 - Increasing marketshare
4 - Exploring new global markets (50% exploring, up from 25% last year)




  1. Is the data set US centric? (was looking for explorations of other platforms, e.g. Zalando, Allegro, Next, myteresa, cdiscount, Fruugo, notonthehighstreet). Not sure who would be the European equivalent of WalMart marketplace (at scale/reach), to cover a broad base of goods other than apparel
  2. (semi joke) I wonder how much many sellers in JungleScout survey data set is sellers engaged via Andrew Tate’s Hustler University (i.e. Amazon FBA for dummies).
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Yes it’s US-centric.

That is hilarious…