Join us for the Watson Weekend Friday, November 10th 2023

I’m hosting The Watson Weekend - Week 1 tomorrow, November 3rd at 12:00 PM Eastern time - right here on LinkedIn Live or YouTube!

Jessica Lesesky and I host the first ever, 100% live Watson Weekend blast – and, PLUS!

We will be joined by the inimitable Victor Castro, GM of ByHeart (it’s babies all the way down!)

Park it on the virtual couch with the 3 of us and grab the popcorn, because you’ll be in for a ride.

  • What’s in the Earnings Notebook: UPS, Amazon and Shopify
  • Can’t Silicon Valley Do More Than Produce Lending Businesses?
  • Economic/Consumer Update
  • “Hell-o No” Bello Collapsing

Like what you see? Well, slap it onto your Friday sched from here on out because this is just the beginning.

Let’s get the party started, let’s get chatting, and let’s make those connections. Stay cool, stay curious, and as always,



Looking forward to it–a full diary of Friday meetings then taking my son to watch some fireworks* [Its a UK thing to have fireworks in early Nov] meant I couldn’t see it live

Remember Remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot although the 5th is Sunday so the remembrances are mostly Fri/Sat this year.

Another one this week!