It's toodle-oo to Deliveroo! Delivery firm to pack up Swiss Cottage operation

Closing an unwelcome “dark kitchen” (Deliveroo Editions) in a residential area of North London.

This is not far from where I live (the area is also well served for qcommerce)

Its getting easier to notice - Europe does not like dark stores and dark kitchens.

Yeah NYC is not so much a fan either

Dark stores in areas zoned for the purpose (not residential) are fine and popular in Europe.

Qcommerce in residential areas not so much, and this specific one was very unpopular with residents living in apartments above.

My locality chased off one (Getir if I recall) on “improper change of use” grounds (changing a pub to a qcommerce depot). But can’t practically refuse repurposing retail to qcommerce dark store.

(And we have had some issues with cycle couriers clustering around groups of restaurants in a street waiting for their next job and smoking weed, yes riding while under the influence, if caught they would be prosecuted).