Is Temu app Chinese Government Spyware

I heard on radio news bulletins this weekend some concerns/alerting that Temu app was Chinese government sponsored spyware/data harvesting (as well as a couple of other apps, the ones you might expect).

This was on BBC Radio 4 morning “Today” programme, which most would consider reasonably unbiased quality journalism (although the BBC has had moments where it has absolutely not lived up to reputation).

I can’t find a specific recent link to provide reference to this (plenty of other links presenting the same opinion, though), and I didn’t manage to catch exactly who was being quoted (short of using the “listen again” feature on the BBC website (within the next few days, probably not available outside the UK unless you use a VPN), but I thought it was still worth a mention here as a notification/conversation starter.

Plenty of other notes that Temo/SheIn/Wish etc. included suppliers that were making product using effectively slave labour as well, but that’s a different discussion.