Instagram is killing live shopping in March, will focus on ads instead

But instead of pushing live commerce, it will now focus on advertising as one of the main ways people discover businesses and shop on Instagram. This includes the use of its automated tools like Shop ads and Advantage+ shopping campaigns aimed at helping improve ad performance, it says. The company will also continue to invest in checkout, where people can buy a product in just a few taps from Instagram and Facebook Stories, Feed or Reels.

Facebook wont solve commerce.


Womp womp. Well that was a fun hobby while it lasted!

This is interesting, especially in light of Twitter and YouTube launching their shoppable features.

They render a “View products” button on top of the video, and it opens a sidebar with a list of products, each one of them has a list of links where it can be purchased.

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This is how it looks like in Twitter

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That’s interesting - I’m not sure how material it will be, no one is on Twitter to shop…
I think the Youtube part is more interesting to me.

Instagram and Facebook is not removing their Shop, just their livestream.

no one is on Twitter to shop…
^ true, however unclear how far ideas for monetization would go :slight_smile: they now try to push anyone who wants to keep 2FA to Twitter Blue so anything can happen.

Re Youtube, yeah I think there is a big potential, since YT itself is a #2 search engine and there is a ton of “unpacking” videos and in general flow with Affiliate links where someone explains what hardware they use and need to say - links in description (I saw it a lot)

I guess they will try to compete with TikTok moves on eCommerce. I’m out of Snapchat so really no idea what is going on there, but they are also existing and does have some audience.


Some of the DAM/CMS providers allow you to make items in videos “clickable”, but are there similar tools in YT? If the link was embedded in the “video container” (the file format which bundles together the encoded video stream and encoded audio stream) would YT be able to pick that up when the video is uploaded?

YT would not pick it up, they allowed merch stores (to support creators basically buy a t-shirt) this new experience was working on my iPhone YT app, and it’s not tied app to the time codes it just show the button - View products and when clicked it opens a scrollable list of items mentioned in the video with multiple affiliate links underneath each one scrollable horizontally.

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I saw a live demo of a livestreamed selling platform on eBay (which at the time was app only) - I didn’t get it then and I still don’t get it now, but I’m also not the type of market that would do that kind of shopping experience. It looks like others are pulling away from that direction as well. I can understand some limited places where it could be a good market, but those seem so narrow compared to everything else in the online marketplaces space that it’s probably not a good fit for any of these existing platforms to try and stack that in as well.

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Social shopping, like livestreaming is not a bolt on top of current e-commerce business models. Many incumbents will leave live-streaming as a business model to rather sell ads as live shopping requires features not seen on incumbent platforms.

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Agreed and as evidenced by every single person who has tried to bolt it on has failed, I think you are right!