How FatFace achieved B Corp

Fatface looking to improve customer relevance by investing in CSG.

Needs to be taken with a pinch of salt (need to review the detailed report, which I haven’t done) since Nespresso managed to achieve B-corp recently despite significant CSG concerns of their parent Nestle (Future Proof as a good explainer video on the Nespresso B-corp situation).

Update: I can’t access the full report, only a summary breakdown on the B-corp website. Fatface’s initial score is a just passing 80.4 (and I can’t check in detail for some of the more red flag areas that B-corp currently underweights); while this can be improved over time and it is a journey, that score is quite a way behind industry leaders like Patagonia. (The score is where I would expect a mid-premium fast/lifestyle fashion brand manufacturing in 3rd world to be for an initial result, i.e. it’s plausible on the surface)