High Street: The Destination Is the Street, not the Shops

Interesting commentary: if you make the street (mall) a nice place to be (and fairly priced) then you attract retailers to open stores (and retailers need fewer. better, and better aligned stores). Not really surprising, but forgotten in some of the handwringing on the subject.

My own local “high street” (small, but upscale) is about to get the same treatment as Regent’s street in London and it is hoped that will encourage additional stores to occupy the vacancies (the challenge is the footprints available are quite small, would support local needs or destination speciality). Usual complaints about changes to parking (which is actually being retained in almost the same quantity).

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One of the things that I thought Michael Bloomberg did well when he was mayor of NYC was add more pedestrian zones in busy areas. That makes it much more likely that people can come to the street to relax and stroll than just to come, shop, and leave.

Cool to hear Miles.