Heinen’s calls it quits with Instacart

Dive Brief: Heinen’s announced Wednesday that it will no longer be available through Instacart’s marketplace starting next Wednesday. An Instacart spokesperson confirmed in an email its partnership with the grocer is ending.
Link: Heinen’s calls it quits with Instacart | Grocery Dive

This is going to be an increasing trend. :bear:


Does anyone have a read on whether this was custom built, bought in, or a mix?

For example, there are several companies that can supply an multi-order in store cart picking solution (employee picks for 6-8 part orders at a time), although early entrants like Tesco–and hence Safeway Groceryworks–developed their own.

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I doubt it was custom-built personally. As you said it’s a competitive space. Heinen’s is not a huge chain. Most people (outside of the majors) should not be building their own software platform.