GS1 manufacturer prefixes in barcodes starting to validated by marketplaces

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As this starts to bite will need a step-up from product manufacturers selling B2B2C (and in-store concession lines with some bigger retailers)

Looking to get @glondon opinion here, the UPC master himself.

“…will need a step-up from product manufacturers…” - agreed. One of the primary reasons FOR GS1 Prefix Hijacking has been the “high cost” of GS1 Membership (which gets you the Company Prefix required to create U.P.C.s). To that end, GS1 now sells Single U.P.C.'s and Small Groupings of U.P.C.'s, at a reasonable Price - $35 per. This should go a long way towards helping Smaller Manufacturers.

As for those selling B2B or B2C, keep in mind that the U.P.C. System IS voluntary - it’s the Supply Chain that requires a Unique Product Identifier.

If a Firm is selling Product via the Direct to Consumer Model, or strictly B2B, then a U.P.C. is not required; but recommended, just in case of Corporate Expansion.

Sadly, GS1, the “keeper of the key”, as it were, for all things U.P.C., has done a poor job of conveying Information about Barcodes, Prefixes, Membership, etc.

That said, I am happy to answer questions from this Group.