Gap Cancels Its Retail Media Program: This Is Going to Happen More

It seems like a fun thing to do - let’s launch a retail media program. Problem is, everything on the Internet obeys a power law. The winner gets 60%+ of the share, the second player gets half of that, the third player gets half of the second and then there are about 10 players fighting for the scraps.

It’s true on the ad inventory side, the buyer side, as well as the brand side of this equation.
Especially faced with a power law dynamic, brands have to prioritize where to spend their time.

Why be on 10 channels if only 2 are production results which register?

Gap started fulfillment services as well last year. The article mentions Gap will prioritize resources towards that. I am not too sure this was ever a good idea for Gap to get into their own fulfillment.

How about fixing their clothes first?


Gap pumps breaks on retail media unit | Marketing Dive?

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