FTC Is Preparing Potential Antitrust Case Against Amazon

The US Federal Trade Commission is preparing a possible lawsuit against Amazon.com Inc. that could be filed as soon as this spring, according to people familiar with the investigations.
Link: FTC Is Preparing Potential Antitrust Case Against Amazon - Bloomberg

Amazon has been working internally with the knowledge that they will be under investigation in the future… this case could take years…

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Agree. The FTC doesn’t seem to have any teeth lately, and the divided government in Washington usually does not help things get done faster, either.

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I would suggest you read Matt Stoller’s blog on substack (“Big”) for a more optimistic view of US governmental anti-trust efforts. He is covering Amazon due to recent actions.

Paywalled ;-). Sorry I refuse to pay for Substacks… I signed up for the “occasional” ones.

I dunno – it’s hard to be optimistic about antitrust in any event. Even if they happen, counting on the government to get it right in this environment is quite a stretch :slight_smile:

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