Frasers vs Next: How big are their growing retail empires?

Timely summary as Frasers ups their stake in Asos to 9.9% (and Asos reports a return to profitability)

Amazing to see the breadth of brands Frasers have bought into. The bigger question for me - what is driving the revenues for them to spend the cash on buying assets under water.

And now there’s more

BooHoo (5%) needs no introduction. Curry’s 9% Tech and electrical, current and former brands include Dixons, PC World, Carphone warehouse, Phonehouse, but best read the wikipedia Currys plc - Wikipedia

If I did not know any better Mr Ashley might be building a marketplace from his investments…

He already has, sort of.

The main Sports Direct brand has some dropship product on the website.

And he has acquired a number of moribund sports brands over the years (Slazenger, Dunlop) to become in house brands for Sports Direct (brand cachet, own brand margins)