Food Delivery Startup Wonder Scraps Food Truck Strategy

The company will wind down its fleet of trucks in the coming months and open around 10 physical locations in New York and New Jersey over the next year, said Mr. Lore. The model resembles a ghost kitchen, a network of kitchens that cook multiple cuisines from a single location for local delivery. Wonder’s version will offer some in-restaurant seating and food pickup, as well as delivery, and cook food from specific restaurants with which it has licensing deals.

Oh come on. This was a ridiculous idea from literally day one. How did this ever get funding but by reputation. Let’s take this tremendously heavy, fuel and worker inefficient model, and drive it around to each customer one by one, instead of going to where the customers already are.

I can see how the use of a truck could break through some planning/zoning restrictions (and cost of rent in some cases) but would do nothing much for delivery costs