FBA limits dropping fast

Hearing a lot of chatter about this.

What’s the scoop @Harshida @Glick ?

I thought we doubled fulfillment capacity :slight_smile:

But apparently didn’t staff the facilities….

That’s what happens when the AWS guy wants to micromanage retail and ops!


Wow. OK that is indicative of something. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, Amazon merchants are getting massively pinched.
It seems right before the holidays each year, they slash limits, then increase them dramatically after.

Somehow, this is supposed to “enable all sellers to be able to send sufficient inventory to meet future customer demand” but instead actually just prevents it as it actually makes it harder. However, the limit drop this year is less dramatic than last year from what I read on some of the merchant discussion posts.


Welcome to the community, @Glick! your official first post :slight_smile:

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