Favorite Shopify Apps?

Thought this would be an interesting thread for this forum. What are some of your favorite Shopify Apps. Over time, we can curate thoughts in different categories of apps.

I’ll start: Rewind.



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Love me some Metafields Guru

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Alright friends! Here’s is my favorite apps list as of 10/31/22

  • Nosto - for personalization
  • Returnly and Loop - for returns
  • Better Reports - reporting solution and has been heaven sent for most finance teams
  • Mechanic - workflow automation and custom dev - this app is a BEAST and incredible
  • Stockist app - a lot of people are starting to use this for Store Locations
  • Yotpo and Okendo - for Reviews
  • Klaviyo - if you aren’t using them for email, you should start now
  • Alpaca - for Buy Online / Pick Up In Store & Delivery app - I will mention though, some custom dev for front-end experience can be needed with this.
  • Yotpo & Loyalty Lion - for loyalty programs
  • Attentive for SMS - Yotpo also has a SMS program so definitely worth exploring depending on your current Reviews, Loyalty tech stack
  • Beam Impact or Shopping Gives - for charity / donations
  • Firework - for live shopping videos on site
  • Rebuy and OrderBump - for cart upsell / add on moments
  • Shipping / Post Purchase - take a look at Narvar, Route and Attentive. There is also Shiptection but I have yet to use them.
  • CRM most people I see are using Hubspot or Klaviyo

Have any questions about apps feel free to hit me up!



welcome @rebuildgirl! Love me some lists!

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