DOJ sues eBay for selling ‘rolling coal’ devices; fines could hit $2 billion

eBay could be fined £2bn for facilitation…yeah right. Right?

It feels like eBay is under the microscope…

Not just a venue. I do believe there is liability here. The distinction between a retailer and a marketplace is not meaningful with regards to consumer protection and deniability especially after repeated offenses and grace periods.

eBay’s insurance policy happy to cover so not much to see here.

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Well, this explains why it’s been such a sensitive category over the last several months. I know it’s been restricted to whitelisted sellers and only for very specific allowable product lines, as I’ve been doing some things to ensure that is working properly for the authorized products and sellers. I was thinking it was just some sort of California-based issue with CARB.

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I wonder when European countries will also pick up on these issues, especially banned home-use pesticides/herbicides (glycophospate as a case in point). Either EU generally, or one EU country might pick up a test case on behalf of EU/EEA (and the “microstates” that align to EU), with UK (with dependencies) and Switzerland doing their own thing