Does Alibaba Show the Future of Amazon?

You can’t help but wonder if this isn’t Amazon’s future.

So domestic businesses, cloud, on-demand marketplaces, logistics, global ecommerce, and video.

I’m not seeing advertising in there, I guess it is tucked into each retail/ecommerce business.
Is Jeff Bezos taking notes? Jack Ma is coming back.

Is Andy Jassy looking over his shoulder or planning the breakup?

Would love your thoughts @HendrikLaubscher

The six business groups of Alibaba are Cloud Intelligence Group (cloud computing — think AWS), Taobao Tmall Commerce Group (domestic retail businesses), Local Services Group (on-demand businesses like food delivery), Cainiao Smart Logistics (logistics), Global Digital Commerce Group (overseas retail businesses, including Lazada) and Digital Media and Entertainment Group (including the likes of video streaming).