Discussion starter: Sustainable/Eco last mile deliver, returnable packaging and Eco-transparency

What sustainable/eco delivery solutions have you seen/used?


  • Reducing delivery mileage in last mile: UPS Synchronised delivery, DPD Precise/Precise Plus (“Green slotting”), both of which encourage customers to accept delivery date when the truck will already be in area because of other customer orders or “en route” on the round
  • Minimising carrier attendance for collections for ship from store (electronic request/preadvise)
  • Returnable delivery packaging programs (not product packing like loop)
  • Carriers who offer order specific end to end eco-transparency which can be shown to customer as part of delivery promising in checkout (modes and emissions)
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Amazon is really big on trying to fill up on their “Amazon Day” in the US which is Friday, their lowest volume day of the week.

@maxlightman works at a company called Olive which has reusable returns packaging for brands, subsidized by consumer resale of the returns. (Likely the “A” returns).

He may have more comments as well.

With a pleasing bit of synchronicity (almost as if I planned it :smile:) this just published by one of my favourite retail IT consultancy groups, RSR Research