Delivery robot robberies on the rise

Remember porch pirates? There is a new phenomenon in which delivery robots are targeted for theft.

Automating the delivery process through robotics is considered a cost-cutting exercise for businesses, but theft generates additional costs and inconveniences for customers, robot manufacturers, and commerce businesses.

Controlling the last mile for delivery is the holy grail for e-commerce businesses. Still, it is even more critical for time-sensitive sectors such as food delivery as customer expectations are heightened.

How is the theft and vandalism of delivery robots resolved? Who knows, but criminals will likely increase the targeting of delivery robots as it is an easy target.

What did people expect? It doesn’t seem like this has been thought through too well.

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Unfortunately, I think some are just trying to put this into “cost of doing business” and calculating the overall ROI including those cases where they have to ship out a second one versus cost/time savings of automation versus people.

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