December 5th, 2022: eBay opens store in NYC, live shopping comes to holiday windows, Microsoft and AWS, and our Black Friday Cyber Monday review

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It’s December 5th, 2022 and this is the Watson Weekly - your essential eCommerce Digest!

Today on our show:

  • eBay Opens Store in NYC That Accepts Pre-Owned Luxury as Currency
  • Live Shopping Comes to Holiday Windows
  • Microsoft and AWS Both Release Supply Chain Platforms
  • Our Black Friday Cyber Monday Roundup
  • and finally, The Investor Minute which contains 5 items this week from the world of venture capital, acquisitions, and IPOs.

Two words to say about olive. “Drop Density”.

No likely route to profitability without that (unless it is a premium service). You need drop density to get amortise the “dead mileage” between drops and ensure full vehicles.

You might be able to “buy” drop density by sharing a last mile and a hub (e.g. with a q-commerce operator) but how much will you give away, and how to stop the partner company from offering their own service.